Homeopathy Treatment For Acne



Acne vulgaris or simply acne is one of the most common skin problems that many individuals have to face. Acne is a kind of skin infection which takes a lot of time to get cured and even after getting cured it can leave scars on the skin which is permanent in nature. People who suffer from acne often start losing their self-confidence and consider themselves inferior in looks and personality when compared to others.

The main cause of acne is the extra oil secretion in our sebaceous glands. This problem commonly affects teenagers, though people well in their thirties and forties are also known to suffer from this problem to a great extent. Studies reveal that this excess oil production is aided by the androgenic hormones which are found in the adrenals, ovaries and testes. This extra oil is capable of clogging the pores of our skin, thus giving birth to various types of infections that cause acne.

Young teenagers wish to look their very best amongst their peers and that is the reason why they use various types of creams and ointments to cure their acne quickly. Though some get good results for a short span of time, these ointments cannot cure the problem permanently. Such lotions are very harmful for the skin and as soon as a person stops using these products, the acne returns back aggravated than before.

Thus, it is strongly recommended to use homeopathy which is a totally natural way of curing acne, does not cause any harm to the skin and also ensures that the acne does not relapse by any chance.

Homeopathy Treatment For Acne

Asterias Rubens

Asterias Rubens

Asterias rubens is considered to be one of the most effective drugs in treating acne and its related problems. It helps to reduce the itchiness which is caused by acne. The acne which affects our shoulders, back, nose and chin is best cured with this homeopathic medicine and it also reduces the elasticity of the skin.

Calcarea Carbonica

People who get a lot of pimples and eruptions in the skin and are quite overweight should opt for this homeopathic medicine to treat the problem on a permanent basis. The hands and feet of such people remain cold most of the time and they get tired very easily.

Another trait of these kinds of people is that they get anxious from time to time and take a lot of stress. This medicine is effective in increasing the body’s resistance power against infections and curing the pimples quite rapidly.

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum

Skin which is very prone to acne infections, takes a lot of time to heal and the acne which forms gives rise to boil-like eruptions which are quite painful in nature are all cured with the help of this medicine. Being very sensitive, these types of acnes take a lot of time to form a head and contain pus inside them which may or may not have a foul odor. Such people feel extremely cold and feel irritated without any reason.

Antimonium Tartaricum

Another effective homeopathic medicine, it has been proven to be quite helpful in destroying those acnes which have a large pustule inside them and are very soft to touch. Even after the infection gets cured, this kind of acne leaves marks all over the affected area which is reddish-blue in color. It causes a lot of irritation on the skin and the body’s resistance power reduces to a great extent during this time.


It may happen that a person is already suffering from acne and due to consumption of fatty foods like fried and sweets and extreme weather conditions, the acne aggravates to a great extent. In such situations, this homeopathic medicine proves to be of help.


This kind of acne mostly develops when a child reaches puberty or is beginning to get her menstrual periods for the first time.

It is also recommended to keep such children more in fresh air and less in stuffy or closed rooms as they may experience mood swings from time to time.

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum

Skin which is very prone to acne infections, takes a lot of time to heal and the acne which forms gives rise to boil-like eruptions which are quite painful in nature. This is all cured with the help of this homeopathic medicine. Being very sensitive, these types of acnes contain pus in them and take a lot of time to form a head. Such people feel extremely cold and feel irritated without any reason.

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Also known as Silica, this homeopathic medicine is very effective in reducing that kind of acne which is deep-seated in the skin. It reduces the resistance power of a person and also gives rise to swollen lymph nodes. Such people feel very tired and nervous all day long. The infected acne takes a really long time to form a head and gets cured very slowly.

Scars, which are permanent in nature, may also develop due to this problem. The homeopathic doctor may start with a small dose and increase the dose gradually till the problem gets cured fully.


Acne which give rise to sore and reddish looking skin are often treated with this homeopathic medicine.


The skin may itch all the time and inflamed eruptions are seen all over the affected area. If a person suffers from this kind of acne, he should refrain from scratching the acne or it will aggravate immensely. Also care should be taken while having a bath and direct sun exposure should be strictly avoided.

Radium Brom

Many people suffer from acne rosacea where red colored rashes form all over the affected area. Small sized eruptions take place everywhere and they cause a sensation of burning and itching. They may also swell up and prove to be quite painful.

Radium brom is a homeopathic medicine which is very effective in curing this problem. The person should stay more in open air and take warm water showers every day. This medicine is also helpful in healing the scars which are left behind after the infection gets treated.


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