How To Treat Cancer Of The Lymph Gland


Lymph Node Cancer

A whole network of lymph vessels along with lymph nodes which are more than 600 in number comprises of the lymphatic system in our body. The job of these vessels and nodes is to collect all types of waste materials and fluids that are found in the tissues of the body outside our bloodstream. The vessels of the lymph work just like the veins in our body which collect blood and carry it to different parts of the body.

Being a very vital part of the immune system, the lymphatic system helps the body to fight against diseases in an effective manner. The fluid and other foreign substances which the lymph nodes trap in them are destroyed by the lymphocytes which are specialized white blood cells. These glands or nodes are either found in large groups or as single node being no larger than an olive.

A person can feel these lymph nodes in his neck region, underarms and even the groin area. As they play an important part in healing our body and curing it from diseases, if a person gets cancer in the lymph glands, then the results can be absolutely devastating.

However, studies suggest that many people who get cancer in their lymph glands are able to survive from the disease with more than 90 percent of the patients living for more than 5 to 6 years after being diagnosed with this problem. There are various types of treatments for cancer in the lymph gland and these treatments should be started as soon as the disease is diagnosed.

Lymph Gland Cancer Treatments


When certain lymph glands get localized and form a huge group they can be removed with the help of surgery. One of the most common examples of a quick developing type of lymphoma which stays localized is Burkitt’s Syndrome.

If this syndrome is detected in the early stages, it can be cured completely. This kind of a syndrome block’s the patient’s digestive tract. At times, the only cure needed to remove the infected lymph glands and treat the patient completely is surgery.

Radiation Therapy

When radiation is applied to a patient’s body, it is known as radiation therapy. Here, though the radiation is applied externally, the main focus is kept on the affected area in a manner which is extremely precise.

Radiation Therapy

This kind of a therapy is able to kill the cancerous cells along with the tumor and ensures that no harm or damage is caused to the nearby healthy tissues. This is another treatment procedure which is generally used for those types of cancerous lymph glands which are localized in nature.


If a doctor wants to give a back up to the surgery he has performed, he generally suggests the patient to go for chemotherapy where the remaining cancerous cells in the lymph glands get killed. Chemical compounds are intravenously delivered onto the body and are made to find out cancerous cells and kill them. They are able to do so by changing their genetic make-up or by holding back the reproductive system of these cells.

Chemotherapy is normally done over a period of 3 to 4 weeks and the patient is given ample amount of rest in between each session. The reason for making the patient rest is that chemotherapy can make a person’s body and mind extremely tired and fatigued and has a lot of side-effects. The whole lymphatic system gets affected with this treatment and it may happen that the count of the white blood cells drops down drastically.


Immunotherapy is also known as biological therapy and has been proved to be quite effective in treating certain types of lymph gland cancer. Monoclonal antibodies help the patient’s body to fight against the cancerous cells in an effective manner by giving a lot of boost to the immune system. These antibodies are found in medicines like Rituximab.


These antibodies work in manner where they bind themselves to the cancer cells antigen protein and make them extremely weak. These weak cells are then left to fight against the patient’s strong immune system. The body is able to attack the cancerous cells and fight against them till the time it becomes resistant to Rituximab.

Hormonal Therapy

Also known as androgen-deprivation therapy, hormonal therapy is given to those patients who do not respond to radiation therapy well. Also patient’s who are very old in age, have reached an extreme stage of the disease or do not wish to go for chemotherapy or surgery are given this kind of a treatment. It may also be given in combination with radiation therapy in some cases.

Hormonal therapy helps to reduce the number of cancerous cells in the body so that radiation therapy can kill them easily. It also makes these cells very sensitive to radiation therapy so that they can get killed faster.

Herbal Treatments

Along with all the medications and various types of therapies, a patient can also be given herbal remedies to cure his lymph gland cancer in a more effective and faster manner. Green tea is known to possess anti-cancer properties, reduce tumor growth and kill cancerous cells.

EGCG is a component found in this tea which cuts off all the communication signals that a cancer cells needs in order to survive, thus resulting in its death. Parsley is an herb which closes down those enzymes that help cancerous cells to grow.


Red root is another herb which is being used by naturopaths to cure lymph gland cancer. It helps to treat huge lymph nodes by shrinking the non-fibrous cysts and stimulates tissue fluid leading to drainage in the lymph. Echinacea boosts a person’s immune system to a great extent and helps in activating lymphatic activities in the patient’s body.

Another very effective herb is Cleavers which works like a tonic for the lymphatic system of our body. It is capable of reducing the swelling in the lymph glands and killing cancerous cells. This herb first detoxifies the tissues and drains the patient’s lymphatic system through his urinary tract in order to treat the patient effectively.

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