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If a person suffers from an illness which is caused by bacteria it is known as a bacterial disease. Bacteria can only be viewed under a microscope as they are extremely tiny in size. They belong to the group of microorganisms which also includes fungi, viruses and parasites. Our skin, genitalia and intestine are home for millions of bacteria’s.

However, all types of bacteria do not give rise to diseases with some being beneficial for our body and make us healthy. This kind of bacteria is known as good or healthy bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria are the harmful bacteria’s which cause diseases and infection in our body.

The main symptoms of this disease depend on the kind of infection that a person is infected with along with the area which gets infected. The symptom of colitis and viral infections is quite similar to that of a bacterial infection and sometimes it gets difficult to distinguish between them. It is important to remember that fever is often accompanied with bacterial infection and that is what sets it apart.

There are many causes of bacterial diseases and the kind of treatment given to a patient depends on the cause of the disease to a large extent. Therefore, in order to treat a person from such a disease and improve his health, it is very important to understand the causes in details.

Bacterial Diseases Causes

Contact with Contaminated People

If a person comes in contact with a person who is already contaminated with the bacterial disease by means of sexual intercourse, kissing and exchange of bodily fluids, then the person may get the disease himself.

Infected Insects

Another cause of this kind of disease may be contamination with animals like pet dogs or cats or insects which carry the infection on their skin.

Infected Insects

Pet animals often play in mud and dirty areas which is home for various types of bacteria’s. When you touch your pets or play with them, the bacteria gets transferred to your skin unknowingly.

Eating Contaminated Food and Water

Food is one of the biggest carriers of bacterial diseases and if you eat contaminated food unknowingly, the bacterium easily enters your body and reaches your intestine. This bacterium spreads the disease in your body and gives rise to complications. Uncooked chicken, raw milk or any kind of undercooked meat can cause bacterial diseases in the body.

If an individual touches contaminated water, then also the bacteria may get transferred onto his skin and give rise to bacterial diseases as it is very easy for bacteria to survive in water. Contaminated or dirty water is another common cause of bacterial diseases and people who do not drink clean water or boil it properly can easily get bacterial disease.

Respiratory Droplets

If a person is unwell and suffering from some kind of disease, then bacteria finds it very easy to thrive in his body.

Respiratory Droplets

If such a person coughs or sneezes in your presence and it contain the infectious respiratory droplets, your body may quickly absorb them and the bacterium gets transferred to your body.

Weak Immune System

Studies reveal that people who have a weak immune system are more prone to getting bacterial diseases. The bacterium gets transferred to their body with little exposure to it and they take a lot of time to get cured.

Sharing Needles

If a person gets a tattoo done, the needle used on his skin may be unclean or contains the bacteria on it.

Sharing Needles

When the needle enters the skin, the bacterium also gets transferred along with it and enters the body. It is strongly advisable to check any kind of needle that you inject in your body and make sure that it is new and sterilized properly.

Touching Infected Objects

It may happen that a person accidently touches bodily fluids or other such objects which contain the bacteria. If he does not wash his hands after touching these objects and eats food with the dirty hands, he himself transfers the bacteria into his body. This bacterium finds its way into the person’s intestine and cause several types of diseases in the body.

Open Wound

If a person gets a cut or injury the wound may remain open for a few hours or days and this gives place to bacteria in the air to enter the person’s body easily. Infection from insects can enter our body if we get bitten by them. Sometimes our gums and tissues in the mouth get cut and this makes it very easy for the bacteria to enter our mouth and then the body.

Inhalation of Dust

Inhalation of Dust

Bacteria are commonly found in dust particles and it can travel from one place to another. If you are exposed to an environment where there is a lot of dust and germs and inhale in that air, the bacteria will easily enter your body. This happens in places where a lot of cattle like sheep and goats are found.

Unhygienic Lifestyle

A bacterium thrives in those places which are dirty. If your lifestyle is very unhygienic and you do give much importance to cleanliness, you may easily get a bacterial disease. People, who do not take a bath regularly, do not wash their hands before eating, keep their home and surroundings dirty and unorganized are more prone to getting bacterial diseases as compared to those people who do not follow such habits.

Also individuals who smoke, do drugs or consume alcohol may share these habits with others and practice them in the company of others. It is very easy for bacteria to live and get transferred from one person to another if cigarettes, glasses and needles are shared between a group people. Therefore it is very important to own a lifestyle which is absolutely hygienic and practice good eating habits.

Keep your foods covered at all times, wash your hands before eating or after doing any activity, drink boiled water and take a bath every day. This will minimize the amount of bacteria living in your surroundings and kill those which already exist. A healthy and clean lifestyle is the key to a healthy body.

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